Weddings in Europe and more

Want to throw a grand celebration of your love with your friends and family? Or, perhaps, you want a quiet romantic wedding with just the two of you? Whatever your dream of a wedding in Europe is like, we will be there to make it come true.

We are an international team working in Italy, Spain, France and the UK. Our representatives have lived in these countries for many years and know their traditions, laws and the character of their peoples very well, not to mention, they all speak a few foreign languages. We carefully follow all the trends in wedding fashion, cuisine and flower design, so we can pick only the best suppliers and partners to organise your wedding with.


Here’s how a plan for your wedding could look like:

  • First meeting. We meet you at a coffee table or online via skype and try to find out all about your dreams, wishes and preferences. We also explain everything about our approach to work, about how a wedding is planned and the financial cost of it
  • Choosing a venue. With your preferences and wished in mind, we try to find the perfect location and venue for your ceremony. A Tuscan villa, a palace in Madrid, a surfer beach in Portugal or a castle in Britain – we will come up with a few options you can choose from.
  • The creative concept. Each of our weddings is one of a kind story written specifically for each individual couple, a story that mirrors their characters, way of thinking and their dreams. We present you with a wedding concept that suits your personal sense of beauty and happiness. Your wedding can look like a Fin de Siècle reception, an Academy Awards ceremony or a bohemian English nightclub. We love to do weddings that are out of the ordinary.
  • Guest invitations. After the wedding's date, location and its creative concept are approved; our designers will create invitation cards. We advise that before sending out the actual printed invitation cards, you invite those you want to see at your wedding in electronic form so its easier for them to save the date. If necessary, we can take car of visas and passports for your family and friends.
  • Photographers, videographers, decorators, performers, catering, pastry chef. Next we book the suppliers and headliners of the future celebration.
  • Pre-wedding photo and video shoot. A "Film about your love" or a unique photo shoot for which we can take you to any point on the planet, could be an n excellent welcome present to your guests at the wedding. It can be a Tim Walker-style fairy-tale story set in a Scottish castle or a series of pictures of you two riding horses on the shores of an ocean in the rays of the setting sun.
  • The Bride's dress. We can make any bride's dream of an ideal wedding dress come true, and we take special pride in it. Our stylists in London, Milan or Paris will help you create your own unique bridal image. We work closely with leading fashion houses such as Elie Saab, Zuhar Murad, Alexander McQueen, as well as small private ateliers that specialize in exclusive pearl design, lace and hand embroidery
  • Timing, logistics, cost. All through the preparation process, we will coordinate all the details, including the project's general cost sheet, with you. Everything, including transportation, weather and climate, and each of your guests' dietary preferences, religious beliefs and age will be taken into account when planning the big event. If necessary, we can supply the guests with interpreters, guides and/or governesses.
  • Bachelor/bachelorette party. When everything is planned and set for the big day, it's time to have your very last party as a single person with your close friends. Want to throw a bachelor party on Ibiza, or riding a Land Rover off-road near London, or in a surfer club in Spain? You name it! As for a bridal shower party, we have a few great ideas, but let's just keep them between us girls 🙂
  • The Wedding. Shine and have fun! On the day (or days) of your wedding your only job is to feel like STARS! To enjoy yourselves and each other, your love, the beauty of the wedding and the happy smiles on the faces of your friends. We take care of everything else. If you like to go on a honeymoon trip, we can organise your travel to any place in the world!

Most of our clients choose Italy, Spain or the UK for their wedding. These countries offer a great number of venues that suit perfectly for a grand wedding: from classic hotels, villas and castles, to old wineries, museums or even lighthouses in the open sea. Members of our team are present in each of these countries, ensuring that we work directly with all the venues and contractors. Our representatives all speak a few languages and know the character of the people and business practices of each country they work in, which helps them always achieve the best results.

Apart for the countries listed above, we can organise and manage weddings in France, Greece, Thailand and Bali.