We Are Not a Travel Agency

When planning weddings or other events we always try to avoid mainstream solutions, to combine modern technology with timeless tradition, to find talent that the world has not yet discovered and routes that guidebooks do not write about.

This desire to keep off the beaten track is intrinsic to another direction of our work: travel.  At Grand Days, we like to offer our travellers the most intense and exciting experiences, so we "filter" all the aspects of a tourist route so that only the true diamonds remain.

Come with us and learn how to bake soda bread or farm mussels in Ireland, surf the waves off the Spanish cost and spend the night in a bedroom of a castle where the future Queen Elizabeth used to play dolls as a little girl.

We do not just book hotels or air tickets. We offer unique travel experience tailor-made specifically for you and suiting your interests and personality. With Grand Days, Britain, Ireland or Spain will not be merely countries to visit, but unforgettable life experiences!


Ireland is Western Europe's exotic island, a land where century-old traditions live side-by-side with innovation, where Catholic churches stand peacefully next to pagan Celtic monuments. The Irish are the friendliest people you will ever meet; yet they had to fight hard against the British rule for their land and their language.

Ireland is the birthplace of saints and scientists, writers and poets. James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw were Irish, and so were the creators of Gulliver and Dracula.

To get to know Ireland, we recommend that you visit a few counties in different parts of the island. Dublin, the West coast or the South of Ireland - each of these regions is original and has a rich cultural heritage&

We are in love with Ireland and we would love to take care of your trip through some unique routes that we have planned for you. Comfy hotels, luxurious SPAs, grand castles, endless golf courses, fishing villages and, genuinely Irish pubs are waiting!

Great Britain

England seems do have so many different faces – from pulsating city life of London with its endless parties and restless prosperity, the city of politics, money and news; down to quiet lonely countryside landscapes, green fields and thatched cottages bathed in rose gardens.

If you are already familiar with all of England's tourist meccas, we can offer you something very special. Feel like a true English gentleman travelling through the countryside from one ancient manor house to another dressed in a warm Barbour coat that smells of rain, earth and wind.

Or, if you would like to be pampered like a royal "English rose" try the waters at Batch and Leamington Spa.

Or maybe you are going on a holiday with your family? Well, what can be better then that a visit to a haunted castle or a meeting with a real princess or knight?

Although Scotland is a part of Britain, it is a country in its own right, a land of briar-covered mountains, deep icy lakes, old legends and chivalry.

Scotland is an ideal destination if you are looking where to spend a romantic weekend, a quiet evening by the fireplace in an ancient castle with a glass of whisky in your hand, or a swinging party to the sound of bagpipes.


A single trip to Spain can change anybody's life. Just choose the format of your visit that is best for you, and you'll never forget the impression it leaves!

The entire country is like an open-air museum; it is Europe's second in terms of UNESCO-listed historical sights. Blessed with warm and soft climate all year round, Spain has the longest beach line in Europe and it is the continent's only country where they grow bananas!

Spain is one of three world leaders in wine production, and it provides 44% of Europe's olive oil. A gastronomic paradise, it is the home of the world's best restaurant of 2015 - El Celler de Can Roca. 

The Atlantic coast in the South of Spain near Cádiz is good for surfing, and the town of Tarifa is known as "the capital of winds", so it is a mecca for windsurfers from around the world.

We would love to organise your visit to Spain, picking the most unbeaten routes and unique places to stay!