The Wedding of Katya and Alex in Marche, Italy

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We like to keep in touch with all our clients after their wedding, and are always glad to help them organise an anniversary celebration or a birthday party for their child. Sometimes, however, the professional relationship with a client becomes true friendship.

Katya and Alex are an amazing couple, charismatic and intelligent, very open to everything new and unusual. It was great fun to spend time with them every time we had to meet in Italy during the year it took to prepare their wedding. The resulting party, where the bride and the groom took control of everything, was one of our most lively and effervescent.

Although traditional Russian weddings usually have a moderator or a toast-maker, the the guys insisted from the outset of planning that  they would not need one. We were a bit worried if we would be able to manage such a grand entertainment programme and a collection of guests from across Europe. Lucky for us, the newlyweds themselves took the roles of moderators, speaking words of admiration and gratitude from the balcony-stage of an Italian villa.

Both Katya and Alex are connoisseurs of good cuisine and rare wines, so they invited a chef from Emilia-Romagna, the 'gastronomic heart of Italy'. A luxurious wedding cake covered in roses travelled all the way from Milan and was met with an ovation.

Although it often showers on the Adriatic coast of Italy, we were lucky to have a clear starry sky that June evening, so the wedding table was set outside, under a centuries-old oak ornate with orchids and shimmering lights. The esteemed owner of the villa, an elderly princess, allowed us to move out the ancient furniture from her house and use it to create the very special romantic atmosphere of the evening.

Our master florist created a fairy-tale ambiance, which the performing artists made even more magical. There was a magician, whose tricks left even the most skeptical guests amazed, a trapeze artist, who floated above the celebration on a giant white orb, and a DJ Simachev, Moscow's cult night club.

Alex is a big fan of fireworks, and it took us a while to find a master pyrotechnic in this region of Italy, but we found him, and the fire spectacle he prepared exceeded even the groom's expectations. Luckily, the wedding did not end after the fireworks display, and the after-party went well into the night, swinging to the music played by DJs from Berlin and Amsterdam.

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