We, Marina Zubareva and Ekaterina Kornilovich are the founders of Grand Days. We first met in 2000 in Moscow, where we both worked for Musa Motors, the market leader in luxury automobile sales at the time. We were responsible for the company's client loyalty programmes, and enjoyed the management's full support of our creative ideas. We organised a number of amazing events, such as Rolls Royce' 100th anniversary party at the Bolshoi Theatre, or the very first Land Rover race in Sochi.

Later on, we started Grand Day, an agency that organised private events and weddings. As business partners and close personal friends, we kept creating, learning and growing until Ekaterina moved to England, and Marina to Ireland. Relocation helped us discover new cultures and meet new people, but also brought us new creative and business ideas. Katya joined the marketing team at Land Rover-Jaguar in Britain, so we partnered with the company and started offering tours of Great Britain on the legendary offroaders. A passionate traveller herself, Marina began to organise private tours of Ireland. Later, we renamed the agency as Grand DayS and picked up our favourite work: organising and managing weddings and events.

Yes, we loved weddings the most, but it was getting harder and harder for us to do them in Russia, as we were based a continent away. But through our many travels around the UK, Italy, Spain and France, where we saw so many beautiful castles, stayed at family manor houses and villas, we could not help dreaming that one day we would set a wedding in one of those places. And the day arrived! Our first wedding outside Russia took place on the shores of Lake Como in Italy and was followed by so many other romantic stories!

Time went on, and we found a few like-minded people, people we trust, people who, like us, and think that the newlywed couple's exuberant happiness in the greatest reward for our work. Our partners are talented, responsible; they are fans of their work. Just like us, they value every precious moment in their lives.  Carpe diem!

Marina Zubareva-Tuson


Lives in: Dublin, London, and Marbella
Her dream: to organise a wedding at Seville's cathedral with Muse as headliner  
Her hobbies: studies stars and people, loves tasting all the cuisines of the world, and watching surfers from the beach  

Katya Kornilovich


Lives: in the heart of England
Her dreams: extremal OFF-road tour across Africa on Range Rover cars
Her hobbies: night diving, watching the Hollywood Golden Era movies and Lego assembling with her two children

Julia Saushina-Campi

Lives in: Milan, the fashion capital of Italy
Her dream: to do, together with Grand Days, a show of her own clothing brand at Milan Fashion Week
Her hobbies: creating fashion collections, yachting and light aircraft piloting

Tatiana Kochetkova

Lives in: Costa del Sol, Spain
Her dreams: to organise a wedding on the Atlantic shore, with the newlyweds' favourite band playing atop a steep cliff
Her hobbies: surfing, fashion and searching the world for fascinating places

Anna Ryasik

Lives in: the best city in the world – London, often visits Paris, which she says is the world's second best
Her dream:  to throw a grand party for no reason on a Greek island. All her friends should be there barefoot
Her hobbies: Jivamukti yoga, dancing, art, learning languages and dogs. Speaks English, French and Greek

Esther Romero

Lives in: Malaga, Spain
Her Dream: to have more free time to paint, travel, visit my friends and also spend time in different countries so I could learn their culture, tradition, language,...
I would love to have an Animal refuge/shelter, this way I could rescue and help animals in need
Her hobbies: painting, surfing, travelling