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Today I can say it’s a great start of the year 2016!

I am proud to share this amazing feature on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine! Yes the printed one! You can order your copy here!

I hardly ever comment on magazine features but in this particular case I am very proud because I am a perfectionist and this trade of mine doesn’t always go down well with industry peers, because for me it’s never good enough!!!

To achieve perfection it takes a lot of work, a lot of effort, preparation and technical abilities and not everyone is willing to make such an effort!

When I was offered this job, I realised immediately how much work Marina Zubareva had to do to orchestrate the whole event, how many hours of designing, projecting, discussing plans, planning logistics, Vincenzo Dascanio and his team had to put in, same goes to Fazeta Produccionesand I felt the responsibility to give justice to all that work and to the vision. I am proud because flicking through the magazine that picture on its double spread stands out from the crowd and it is not because I just pushed a button on a camera.

Thank you Grace Ormonde Wedding Style for this fantastic opportunity, it’s a pleasure to see everyone’s hard work gracing the pages of such a stylish magazine!

As per every year my resolution for 2016 is to continue to search for perfection in every type of event and for every client.

Thanks to all of you who do put up with my annoying perfectionism. I know you tolerate it because at the end of the day it always pays off!!!!!

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