We have been organising and managing events for private and corporate clients for over ten years. Our approach to business is based on choosing and implementing the brightest, most original creative ideas. The aim of any event is not just to entertain the guests, it is to surprise and amaze, to add a bit of true magic into everyday life.

As we begin preparing for the event, we will come up with a few creative ideas so that the client can choose from them. We believe in the importance of CHOICE.

We always carefully follow all set timeframes and deadlines, monitor all document flow and financial paperwork and are available to the client 24/7.  

The international team of Grand Days runs different types of private and business events in Europe:  


  • incentive tours for employees, partners or investors  
  • team building events in Spain, Italy, the UK and Ireland  
  • entertainment, learning, culinary, sports, extreme sports, etc. events
  • private events: birthdays, anniversaries,  weddings
  • business trips, conference and exhibition management