A private party in Italy

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When a wedding party is happening abroad, and friends and family have to travel from all over the world to get there, we often recommend what we call a pre-wedding dinner. It is a great way for the bride and the groom to meet their friends before the wedding, a chance for the guests to get to know each other so that the atmosphere on the wedding day itself is friendly and nice.

For our clients Katya and Alex, we organised a party like this on a villa in the heart of Marche, one of Italy's most romantic regions. Many guests told us they felt like being at a dinner with an Italian family, somewhere far away from famous touristic places. The place was decorated with baskets of fruit and wild flowers. Soon the checked tablecloths were covered with fresh local delicacies: prosciutto, cheese, olives and house wine. The sun went down, the bright garlands of lights went on, a DJ from Moscow's Simachev bar started playing, creating a sense of a magical night, an eve of a really magnificent wedding. 

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