About Us

We, Marina Zubareva and Ekaterina Kornilovich are the founders of Grand Days. We first met in 2000 in Moscow, where we both worked for Musa Motors. At the time, the company was the market leader in luxury automobile sales. We were responsible for the company's client loyalty programmes, and enjoyed the management's full support of our creative ideas. We organised a number of amazing events, such as Rolls Royce' 100th anniversary party at the Bolshoi Theatre, or the very first Land Rover race in Sochi.

Later on, we started Grand Day, an agency that organised private events and weddings. As business partners and close personal friends, we kept creating, learning and growing until Ekaterina moved to England, and Marina to Ireland. Relocation helped us discover new cultures and meet new people, but also brought us new creative and business ideas. Katya joined the marketing team at Land Rover-Jaguar in Britain, so we partnered with the company and started offering tours of Great Britain on the legendary offroaders. A passionate traveller herself, Marina started organizing private tours of Ireland. Later, we renamed the agency as Grand DayS and picked up our favourite work: organizing weddings and events. Read more

Our News

A private party in Italy
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When a wedding party is happening abroad, and friends and family have to travel from all over the world to get there, we often recommend what we call a... Read More

A private party in Spain
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We were so pleased to do an anniversary party for a couple whose wedding we had managed a year earlier. A party like this is great fun to organise,... Read More