Allure Clinic campaign

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Allure Clinic advertisement campaign is addressed to social media followers. Here are presented Instagram visuals implemented in October 2017. Animation Clip Abdominal Etching InfographicsAbdominal Etching animation clip shows the essentials of the surgery process.

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Client:; Mobile Point Of Sexual Health Performed works: Branding, Art Direction, Illustration, Copy-writing, UX/UI design. Language: Russian it is my volunteer work for HIV testing and prevention group, Mobile Lab for Sexual Health, in Moscow, Russia. They perform services in gay clubs throughout Russia. The art direction was inspired by gay comics in order to find maximum response from queer community.

Same As You

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Project name: Same As You Product: Exhibition flyer & poster Client: The Tel Aviv – Yafo Municipality’s Young Adults Center Performed works: Art Direction, Graphic design Languages: English, Hebrew About event:

about 2

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Striving for order and simplicity of user interfaces we have created the increasingly chaotic universe of code. The Alices of the web we travel through the dream-like landscapes by learning to interact with objects and concepts we don’t understand. This unimaginably complex, self-sustaining and self-replicating ecosystem of electric signals is closer to real life than anything we people have ever created. As the metaphor of God, the digital universe we gave life to and lost control over is now staring … Read More

About 1

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All indifferently, as if colouring everything around with my vision, like the Kazakh akyn whose song is about everything that he sees at the moment of singing. It seems that when I have painted a certain number of objects, the space of my dreams will break through into this universe, take it over, filling everything with its own realities, imposing its own laws. The world will change, but not in abstract way a-la ‘Beauty will save the world’, but genuinely. … Read More